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Kata Islam
Kata Islam

Kuatkanlah Iman! Teguhkanlah Tauhid! Bulatkanlah Tekad! Bersihkanlah Niat! Sempurnakanlah Amal! Sesuai dengan ajaran Kitabulloh dan Sunnah Nabi.

Humor Centre
Humor Centre

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Download Ebook Gratis. Dapatkan berbagai macam ebook untuk membuka cakrawala. Diantaranya ebook tentang islam, digibook, ebook kompuer, cerita silat Indonesia dan mandarin


islamic religion boarding school of mudimesra samalanga located at mideun jok village in samalanga aceh bireuen district, aceh darussalam province. it founded at the west industry city of lhokseumawe about 100 km (islamic school of mudimesra)

Islamic Cross Stitch | Beauty of Islamic Art in Cross Stitch Design
Islamic Cross Stitch | Beauty of Is..

Bring the beauty of Islamic art to your cross stitch world, we provide peculiar designs of calligraphy, mosque, nature, motifs, and free cross stitch pattern every 5 weeks, insya Allah

Kristik Islami | Keindahan Seni Islami dalam Desain Kristik
Kristik Islami | Keindahan Seni Isl..

Menghadirkan keindahan seni Islami dalam berbagai desain kristik menarik: kaligrafi, motif, masjid, pemandangan, dunia satwa, dan tersedia GRATIS pola kristik tiap 5 pekan. Insya Allah.

17 Memurnikan Aqidah Menebarkan Sunnah Memurnikan Aqidah Men..

Islamic articles, islamic online radio, job vacancies, islamic education center, islamic enterpreneurship, islamic software download, islamic consulting, islamic dauroh schedule. All in Indonesian language.


All Free Desktop Background, Desktop Wallpapers, Car Wallpapers, Flower Wallpapers, Islamic Wallpapers, Beach Wallpapers, Abstract Wallpapers, Texture Wallpapers, etc.

Muslim Baby Names - Baby Boy and Girl Names
Muslim Baby Names - Baby Boy and Gi..

a large collection of unique muslim baby names, muslim boy's names, baby muslim girl names and common muslim names. more then 4000 male-female arabic or islamic names are listed along for your babies with their meanings


Sharing my thoughts and observations on life. Writing informative posts along. Religion: One should a give a thought about it....... Life: Is a teacher, where you learn it from the scratch.....respect it. Belief or faith: It should not be what you think is right..........should be based on freedom of choice, history, facts and practical evidence. Atheism: Are you sure ? Relationships: Involves all of the above......important. True Religion: Hinduism, Why ? Christianity, Why ? Judaism, Why? Islam Why? Buddhism Why ? Atheism, Why ?........... Genre : Personal Development Interests:Religion, Relationships, Sports, Health, Medicine, Research and History. Hobbies: Swimming and Adventure. Since: 2008 Posts: 174 Any queries, ask me anytime...... :)

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